Substances for food additives and pharmaceuticals

Lavitol (Dihydroquercetin)

Because of its antioxidative and capillary-strengthening properties, Dihydroquercetin is commonly used to manufacture food supplements and remedies. Dihydroquercetin has a wide range of health-enhancing activities and properties:

  • Antioxidant activity. Dihydroquercetin inhibits free radical oxidation..
  • Capillary-protective activity. Dihydroquercetin strengthens the capillary walls, enhances the blood flow.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity. Dihydroquercetin inhibits the inflammatory processes in the organism and improves oxygen supply to the cells.
  • Radioprotective activity. Dihydroquercetin decreases production of hydroxyl radicals, supports an organism’s ability to recover after exposure to toxic and radioactive elements.
  • Liver-enhancing activity. Dihydroquercetin has the positive effect on the liver function: normalizes the cell membrane and the structure of hepatocytes, has an antioxidant effect, accelerates the regeneration of damaged liver parenchyma, thereby enhances its detoxifying function.
  • Detoxifying properties. Detoxifying properties of Dihydroquercetin are related to the direct interaction with toxins. Dihydroquercetin binds toxins into a stable form with the subsequent excretion from the organism.


In pharmaceutical industry arabinogalactan is used in two directions:

  • As the adjuvant. Arabinogalactan has membranetropic properties and could be used as a binding nontoxic agent for tableting of drugs with high stability. Arabinogalactan helps to increase the solubility of hardly soluble substances. Arabinogalactan is used also for increasing the blotting capacity of pharmaceutical compounds with low bioavailability. Having dispersive and deflocculating properties, arabinogalactan is used as an emulsifier and stabilizer of emulsions.
  • As an independent component. Arabinogalactan can be used as the main component of dietary food supplements, intended for:
  • prevention of bronchopulmonary and infectious diseases;
  • weight loss, normalization of digestive system, detoxification;
  • immune system booster.


Lavitol-W is a mixture of two larch tree extracts – dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan in a ratio of 1:3 or 1:5. Dihydroquercetin is weakly soluble in aqueous solutions, which greatly reduces its bioavailability. The substance “Lavitol-W” was developed to improve the pharmacological properties of both substances, increase the solubility of Dihydroquercetin and thereby increase antioxidant activity and capillaryprotective properties of dihydroquercetin.

Ametis JSC received the license for manufacturing of medical preparations No 12206-ЛС-П.
The substance – Dihydroquercetin, manufactured by Ametis JSC has been registered as pharmaceutical substance (ФС-000388-270812)
The substance – Arabinogalactan, manufactured by Ametis JSC has been registered as pharmaceutical substance (ФС-000905-190814)