The result of 15 years’ work is the establishment of the company as a major player in the production of natural larch extracts. The annual volumes of manufactured Dihydroquercetin extract exceed ten (10) tones, and Larch arabinogalactan – eighty (80) tones, which places Ametis JSC as the leading manufacturer and supplier of the larch extracts in Russia.

Ametis JSC manufactures larch tree extracts under the trade mark “LAVITOL”. Ametis JSC has developed and markets a wide range of dietary supplements that feature Dahurian Larch-derived phytonutrients.

In 2010 Ametis JSC created the new direction for the use of Dahurian larch tree extracts in husbandry and agriculture. Owing to close cooperation with the leading experts of the All-Russian Research Institute of Husbandry the feed additives on the basis of arabinogalactan, dihydroquercetin and extruded full-fat soybean were developed mutually.

DHQ of Ametis JSC was authorized the placing on the EU market as the novel Food Ingredient



November 10

Dihydroquercetin of Ametis JSC was authorized the placing on the EU market as the novel Food Ingredient

June 15-19, 2017

Participation in the Russian-Chinese Exhibition in Harbin

The management of the enterprise participated in the conference on Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between two countries, which was held within the framework of the exhibition. 

May 26-28, 2017

Participation in the International Exhibition “Amur-ExpoForum- 2017”

Ametis JSC took part in the International exhibition “Amur-ExpoForum- 2017” held in Blagoveshchensk (Russia) and received an award for its active participation and promotion of qualified goods and services to the Far-Eastern market. 

Ametis JSC has presented new products produced by the company.